Couldn't live without you

If the possibility of a redemption curve came up for Ward, how would the rest of the team react?

Sara Lance in the  Season 3 First-Look

Don’t worry, I will protect her. When no one notices me, only she notices my strengths. The only thing I can repay her with is to always keep my shoulder free for her.
Just you

agents of shield cast at san diego comic con 2014


make me choose → asked by ​ & 
↳ hermione  or ginny or luna

i think that lamp hit my head harder than i initially thought

❝ Aim to be as brave as James, as loyal as Sirius, and as smart as Remus. Basically, you should want to be Lily Potter. ❞
- My brother, giving his neighbor’s kid some life advice. (via apiratecalledav)


I will defend my favorite character faster than myself





And we need people in our lives that don’t wear one.

The Legend of Korra panel at SDCC

Leo Fitz Week » Day Three: Favourite Relationship